I have had an incredible time inside this program. I recently began exploring the process of creating, editing, and producing audio pieces, and this project has offered me a lot of insight in a lot of these areas. It’s also connected me with talented and efficient individuals in many of these fields. I have had a great time with my mentor, Ariel, and she has provided just the right amount of support and advice to help me shape my project without taking it over, a trait exhibited by the rest of the mentors that I have interacted with. She has also shown an interest and support outside of the project, and offered advice and resources for my personal artistic endeavors, something that I really appreciate.

Despite this project completely consuming my week, I have enjoyed it. It also introduced me into the full process of what it is like to interview a subject, and the many different ways to package that content for an audience. I was also acquainted with useful websites and programs like Headliner, that I am excited to use in my personal work. It has also helped me gain more confidence in my own personal ability to not only identify a story, but communicate it effectively. By making a story pitch part of the admissions process, it called on my own discerning ear to find a good story, which has encouraged my determination to create and produce on my own. I also found through the editing and writing process, many of my initial instincts regarding how to focus and frame a story were much more aligned with my mentors than I originally had thought they would be. 

Knowing that many of these people are also working their jobs while performing mentorship roles so well, I am very impressed and appreciative of their commitment to availability and open willingness to help. I can’t wait to see what my final project will be!

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