I’ve never been more exhausted. At the same time, I’ve also never been more proud of a piece of my work. 

This week with Next Generation Radio was something I needed to help me find my place in the world again. Now, I know that sounds a bit intense, but prior to this week, I felt lost. I was working a day job and a night job, and although both pay the bills, I was not getting much in terms of intellectual stimulation. 

Learning how to work through struggles with technology and easier ways to edit audio was incredibly beneficial to me.

My mentor, Taylor Allen, is one of the most patient, kind and caring people I have had the pleasure of working with. I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with her this week. 

Something both she and the rest of the team emphasized throughout was mental, emotional and physical health. I have a bad habit of pushing myself to extremes, sometimes to a breaking point. When I’m doing something I love, it’s difficult for me to step away from it. 

The whole Next Generation Radio team checked in with us everyday and genuinely cared about how we were doing. When I had late nights in the beginning of the week, my mentor would text me and ask “Are you on your way home?” I appreciate this more than they all may ever know. 

In the words of my subject, Adam Swanson, “Not only do I love it, but if I can continue to do it for a living, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. So I’m going to keep trying to do it. And I’m never going to give up. No way. No way.”

Thank you, Next Generation Radio, for the best, most tiring, week of my life thus far.

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